$2115 in 19 Days Using Free Traffic

I have a very exciting testimony to share about how I made $2,115.00 from 100% FREE traffic over the course of 19 days. I wanted to do a 21 day test but had to stop a few days short. Still the results are wonderful! I even had a $630 day, all from just using free traffic—that was cool to see ­čÖé

income-testimonial-screenshotI tried doing paid ads with this but eventually stopped because it just wasn’t necessary. There really isn’t a point when free traffic works so well. Plus, I think most people starting out don’t have the budget or want to have to spend more money on ads (when they just invested in a course to help them make money online).

Disclaimer: Now it’s probably obvious, but I can’t guarantee you’ll have the same results I did or that you’ll even make a single penny doing this, but I did want to show you what I was able to achieve.

And while this method is stupid simple, it does require you to do some work by looking for particular niches that this will work on. This is the part that will ultimate affect how successful someone is, because it will likely take some time to find something that produces good results. But once you do, this works really, really well!

Now here’s the reality check—

The average person who goes and purchases this course will probably makeIncome Testimonial Screenshot $0, simply because:

  1. They’ll buy the course, watch all the training videos but then they won’t follow through and do anything with it
  2. Some will actually take the step to try what’s being taught, but will give up after one failed attempt

However, I know there are going to be a select few, the Super Stars! And they’ll buy the course, probably fail a few times at first. But they’ll keep trying until they hit the jackpot and start making money each day. They’ll start seeing $10 days, then $25 days, then they’ll start hitting $100 days.

Just like my example, all this can happen in less than three weeks time. They key is not to give up after the first few fails because your goldmine is JUST around the corner if you stick with it!

…I’m sure you get the gist of it ­čÖé

Now it’s up to you–

What will you choose?

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