Follow Your Passion

Passion – One of the Secrets to Building a Successful Online Business

After failing over and over again at building an online business, and then finally succeeding, it has become clear to me that one of the key differences between those that fail and those that succeed is passion.

Now to keep it real, if I had read that phrase a few years ago, my first thought would have been, “yeah, right, the real problem is not having a course or program to follow that teaches you everything you need to know.” And I still agree, that is indeed a big problem as well. But the reason some people are able to connect the dots and take these “broken” internet marketing programs and actually make them work for them is being passionate about a particular niche.

Follow Your PassionI was just going through another course that had some good information, and what they were teaching would work… but what they were leaving out is that unless you were passionate about the particular niche you were promoting, it just probably wouldn’t work.

The reason is that so many courses rely on you being able to create value, either in a forum or via a YouTube video or maybe through a post on Facebook. Because if you can create value, that will ultimately draw people to you and whatever it is you might be offering or selling. If you’re not able to create value for people, then it’s like you’re short circuiting your chances of success and relying more on pure luck to get anywhere.

For example, one of the hot niches is the fitness or bodybuilding niche. There are a lot of courses that recommend various ways of selling or promoting products such as CPA offers, Clickbank products and so forth. But if you aren’t already passionate about that niche, then it will be difficult for you to know the mind of the buyer and create posts that matter to them or videos that say something meaningful or worthwhile for them to listen to.

Now all of this can be learned but it’s a LOT harder if it’s not something you’re intrinsically passionate about or motivated by.

So what’s my advice?

Before buying the next product or course promising to make you rich, identify the areas or niches you’re most passionate about. Think about the things you’re already reading and learning about.  For example, if you’re always getting a new book about nutrition or following blogs on how to live healthier, rather than try to figure out a way to sell products in the dating niche (because some course is telling you this is where the money is at), you should either adapt the course to work with the particular niche you’re passionate about or find courses that would support that.

This is the “secret” I stumbled upon that made all the difference for me. So I ended up figuring out how to become successful online on my own and no course or training actually taught me what I figured out. But, the principle is to stick with what you’re passionate about, and then it will be MUCH easier creating value for others. This will in turn make it MUCH easier to monetize, whether as an affiliate marketer, course creator or whatever it might be.