It didn’t happen overnight, but eventually I cracked the code and figured out how to become a full-time internet marketer. It came after several years of struggling and purchasing many, many different courses in hopes of finding something that actually worked, or better yet worked for me.  The struggle was made more difficult as a dad of 4 kids, being married and personally dealing with some serious health issues.

So how long did this take and what was the secret of my success…?

First, to give you some context, I started experimenting with making money online back in 2000.  I worked with a company called the DHS Club that was basically a discount buyers club for online purchases. At most I made around $250/month. At the time I thought that was pretty cool as it felt good to actually be making money as opposed to feeling like you’re endlessly chasing the “make money online” wheel like a hamster, lol 🙂

Lance & kidsBut unfortunately that company started to fall apart and so I began to look elsewhere. In 2003 I signed up for my first eBay account and I LOVED it. I thought eBay was one of the coolest online experiences. My dream was to build an online eBay business. I truly enjoyed interacting with customers online and trying to give them the BEST customer experience possible. The challenge though was finding products that I could consistently make a decent profit with. I ended up buying a lot of products locally that were on clearance and then selling them on eBay or a few dollars profit.

Once again, this was ok and I made a few bucks doing that but it wasn’t really a sustainable model and it required a LOT of work. The other difficulty was continually trying to find items on clearance somewhere that I could turn around and sell for a profit.

Over the next 5 years, things were pretty tumultuous. I had a family during this time and because of jobs not working out, or things like a hurricane hitting our house (and the insurance company not doing their part) we’ve had to sell everything we owned twice and have had to move in with our parents each time.

So I know what it’s like to be in survival mode and feel like each day you’re truly fighting for survival. If it had been just me, that would have been WHOLE lot easier but trying to take care of a wife and little kids and keep their spirits up as well as yours was incredibly draining.

All of this eventually led to some serious health challenges which I won’t go into all the details here, but basically my gut and digestion were in such bad shape that I only able to eat small spoonfuls of cooked spinach and squash. It felt like I had constant stomach flu which lasted for about 2 years. It was a VERY miserable time!

Yet, despite all that, I was determined to find a way to make enough money online to support my family. And as you know already, I finally had a breakthrough! I’m very blessed to say that I now know what it’s like to have over $10,000/month in income. On top of that this income was pretty much passive. So once the income started coming in I took a year off (and really didn’t do anything with my online business) to just focus on my health—which helped a lot!

My success started by accident, in that I had done a video review on YouTube for a product on Amazon which started ranking well and as a result started earning me commissions. I was excited and shocked by this so I started creating more videos. I made sure to create reviews about products I was interested in myself so it was really easy for me to engage with people leaving comments. Commenting was something I became passionate about. Everyone received a reply and if they asked a question, I provided a thorough answer is it warranted it.

Day by day, week by week my site authority started to grow so that whenever I listed a new video review, it would rank higher. After a couple months of doing this I started to gain momentum so that the same work I was doing a few months ago, was paying bigger and bigger dividends. Initially I was just trying to make $100-$200/month but after a few months I was earning about $800/month. Then a few months later I was making $1,500/month. Every few months it would grow and grow until eventually I had my first month where I made over $7,500!

It took me about a year to reach that point. And if I wasn’t trying to take care of a family, work a full-time job and deal with serious health issues, it could have happened a lot faster. But the important thing is it happened! I praise God for getting to this point and one thing I always remember thinking is that if I ever got to this point I would be sure to help others do the same.

I think the problem with so many of the people supposedly “making it” online is that everything is spun to sound like the greatest course that will provide everything you need to make money online. The reality is that most of these courses are really difficult for the average person to succeed at. Sure if you’re a marketing pro already, you can fill in the dots and figure out what needs to be done or how to make it work.

So I’m passionate about finding courses that the average person CAN succeed at with a reasonable amount of effort. I’m also passionate about giving people realistic expectations about what they can earn or how long it will take them to make money with a particular program or method.

For example, the approach I took works really well over several months or a year but you’re not going to necessarily see a lot of success in the first 30 days. Other programs or methods can produce faster financial results but they may not have the same “passive income” potential. Meaning, you have to keep putting in the work just like a job to keep the money coming in.

Wherever you’re at in your journey, whether you’re just starting out or whether you’ve been going at this for a while, please don’t hesitate to post any questions, frustrations, questions, comments, etc. below. If I can help I will, but if I don’t have a good solution then I’ll let you know that as well 🙂

Either way, I wish you all the best and appreciate you taking the time to get to know more about me and my journey to online income success!

God Bless 😀